Sunday, April 23, 2006

Very good day

Just after I posted that last post my doorbell rang and it was A. come round to watch the Grand Prix. He's only just left.

We had a lovely day. Watched the Grand Prix and swopped stories all the way through, I got blamed after saying "Nothing ever happens in the pit lane anymore" and then Jensen Button drove off with his fuel rig still attached...! Then we put lots of CD's onto my computer so I now have The White Stripes, Linkin Park, Metallica and lots of others to listen to. This helps to round out my Media Player slightly as it no longer just contains songs from albums I own, but also songs I like.

A. then announced he was taking me out for a meal as I deserved a treat so we hopped in his car and drove round in circles looking for a place to eat. Since he doesn't know Wolverhampton (he's from Birmingham) and I only know the town centre it took us a while but we found a nice Harvester on the way to Telford and stopped there. We both had very nice steaks and then I got to sample his apple pie while working my way through an enormous chocolate gooey confection.

He was very impressed by my library and took some of the books I was going to donate. Then I spotted the picture of Andy and me that Em gave us for xmas. I removed it from the frame and ripped it up and A. then decided we should burn the bits. A small bonfire in the back garden followed, with lots of laughter and cries of "fucking yeti".

Then I introduced him to Warcraft, which he'd heard about but hadn't played. He likes it I think, since he borrowed the discs and took the 10-day free trial thing. Lucky he's working nights this week or we'd have both been up til the wee small hours playing together.

The Warcraft discovery is the reason he's only just left (shhh Mark) as time gets kinda sucked into that game and he didn't realise how long he'd been playing.

So, I've had a very very nice day with a very very nice man who thinks that "fucking yeti" is a great way to refer to my ex. He also said he's determined to prove to me that not all men are like that...

So I'm off to bed, and I've almost completely forgotten about my hopeless crush. I shall concentrate on A. instead - Emily would approve as he's 6'!

(and yes I did think about ripping his clothes off, but I didn't do it, and yes I did kiss him and yes it was very nice!)



MarkFarley said...

he's 6 inches?

Kate said...

6 foot! as in 6' tall! I don't even know why I'm even answering this comment....