Sunday, April 23, 2006


I wore my new shirt last night. There's a funny story as to how I bought it. I was walking through the shopping centre on my way back to work when someone on my left said "bookselling to stars" so I looked round. Couldn't work out who'd said it (and in what context) but then saw a girl with a Ramones bag walking into a clothes shop. So I walked in the shop and saw this shirt. So I bought it.

I love it when things like that happen.

My new shirt
Close up of Notting
Close up of Hill


MarkFarley said...

lol... my influence is everywhere


Anonymous said...

not sure how i stumbled across your blog...but it makes me are one nice lady !!..and clearly very intelligent

MarkFarley said...

she's also very single anonymous... nudge nudge...

not to mention great in bed (probably) xx

Kate said...

Good grief! Mark, behave yourself (and thanks for the compliment).

Welcome anonymous and thank you for saying nice things about me too.