Friday, April 07, 2006

Tiring week

It's been a long week this week. One of the quirks of the rota means that I do 4 days, then have a Sunday off, then do 5 days. Add in the fact I was up early on Sunday and it means I'm knackered!

Quote of the week came from Campbelli after I had an idea for a dumpbin display:
"You've just had the best idea that I've had all day!"

I did have a bit of luck with my train ticket home. I'd been expecting to pay £30+ for a ticket but managed to get one for just £13.50! That will take me all the way home to sunny Billericay with the only changes being the tube. The timetable thing reckons that it'll only take a few hours, I'm catching the 12.05 train and then should be in Billericay by 15.26 apparently. I doubt it though.

I'd just like to say that it's so nice to have been added to visitors links.
Especially to be described as "Vigorous" by Overnight Editor. Thanks guys, I feel all warm and loved.

I'm going out with Campbelli again tomorrow. She's going to crash here for the night too so I have to make her up a bed and attempt to keep it cat free so she doesn't sneeze all night. Katie W is also coming out with us now that she's back from uni for the holidays. It's so nice seeing the kids again. We were going to try to recruit Matt too but he's away for the weekend so we don't get to flirt outrageously with him. I'm sure there'll be plenty of other candidates there though.

I'm finally getting used to having the house to myself. I mean, I was spending so much time here alone even before we split up, but it's different knowing that I'm definately alone for the night. I moved the bedroom round last week and it's been lovely to sleep in a proper bed again.

I'm going to check my email and then I think I might go to bed.


overnighteditor said...

I'd love to meet a 50/50 girl.

Especially a "vigorous" one.


Kate said...

Good grief, you're all at it!