Friday, April 21, 2006

Mad Crazy Bouncy Day

I had a great day today. I woke up singing, bounced downstairs and got everything I needed to do done with time to spare.

Work was fun too! Campbelli didn't get her Merry Hell job, but it means she gets to stay with us! Richie was being mad Friday Richie in his nice pink jumper, and Phil wasn't having a good day although it improved for him once he started trying to decide which customers I should date. He'd left by the time the nicest one came in. 6' tall, dark hair, rugby shirt and a very nice bum. I got caught staring at his arse though when he turned round to ask me a question about some Natural History books while I was hiding behind the DIY browser. He was very nice, but made Richie Fingers call me a bitch on heat. I'm not on heat, I just appreciate nice bottoms - and they also help distract me from the major crush I have at the moment.

Honestly, just admitting I have a crush makes me feel about 15, it's ridiculous! But nice to think of him while I wander about at work, and then to see a real-life gorgeous man just topped it all off nicely.

Coming home to find Andy waiting for his pc wasn't so nice. I opened the door to him and just thought to myself "Why?". How could the girl who goes for cute guys, with short hair you want to run your fingers though and a mind that can keep up with my flights of fancy; how could I fall for, let alone marry a non-cute guy with long hair who doesn't read. Ok, so the whole "going to study philosophy" thing may have charmed me, but he never did that in the end, and I can't remember him reading anything that wasn't a wrestling book in the nearly 4 years we were together.

I have to find that list that the guys at work wrote me. Then I can work my way down it and see where my crush is flawed (and hopefully get over him that way). I might even post it on here and get extra contributions from you lot.

I also went clothes shopping today. Attempting to find something with the guidelines I had (Mark: "Wear less", Campbelli: "Something tight", Phil: "Just don't wear anything") was difficult but in the end I found a very nice shirt that just had to be mine. When you see a photo you'll understand why.

Tonight is chilling night again. I have the rest of Sin City to watch and I think I'm going to have to watch Notting Hill too.


MarkFarley said...

The guy didn't read?


I think there is a certain philosophy to wrestling.... errr its not real. End of Chapter.

What did you guys talk about? the right kind of talcum powder to put in your stockings??? LOL

Mind you I hear the Ric Flair book is quite good... WOOOOOO

BTW....If you are gonna be watching THAT FILM with THAT ACTOR and THAT ACTRESS dont be asking me about THAT DOOR!!

Good luck to your crush... he's a lucky guy. xx

Kate said...

I can't remember what we talked about at all, sad really.

I did watch THAT FILM and once again it made me cry - soppy bint that I am.

EmLah said...

just a film big sis...........not real............not real people............hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......


p.s im still waiting for the word verification doohicky to come up with juzqxqk the sound you mke when u get your sexual organs trapped in aomething (and yes it may be spelt wrong but i cannie be bothered to get out 'The Dwarf' and look it up)