Saturday, April 22, 2006

Campbelli is here.....

Campbelli is happy
Campbelli is shocked
Kate is shocked
Campbelli is happy - again

Hello all I have invaded the Goddesses blog with lots of help seeing as I struggle just to switch these things on. Hope I don't crash the whole thing when left unsupervised. Wish me luck all!
Am just on way out with the Goddess herself, plan on getting her very drunk and dancing like a mad woman around her! Unless my new shoes cripple me of course (how we women must suffer). Have to say am shocked about the fact that the Goddess still has revealed her terrible music tapes to the world. Still it could be worse it could have been a Bad Boys Inc tape.

Kate: My Bad Boys Inc tape is upstairs somewhere...but Campbelli was a member of their fan club too!


MarkFarley said...

beautiful women and bad music....


EmLah said...

i bloody love bad boys inc!!!! THEY WERE Like my favourite band ever!!!!!