Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blondness for Mark

Sweet young thing
Taken in a dark pub, May 2002
Christmas 2002 - with Emily
Christmas 2002 - flat out
Christmas 2002 - doing a quiz
Pami's for New Year
Pami's house - August 2000


MarkFarley said...

yeah that last one is very flattering. xx

MarkFarley said...

yeah I've seen some of these on yr site.... I really like the one of you lying on yr back... very cute. xx

Kate said... I have your *permission* to attempt to go blonde again?

(Since I just spoke to the college and they're not sure how blonde they could get me).

Anonymous said...

The air almost crackles with sexual tension between you two - will you just get it on already...?

Kate said...


Sorry anonymous, didn't you see his test score?

overnighteditor said...

Run for your lives!!

A giant can of lager!!

Kate said...

overnighteditor - that one is actually saved as KateCarslberg because of that scary can. I was working my way through numerous bottles of wine at the time and didn't notice it creeping up on me.