Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I made fruit crumble!

...and I'm ridicuously proud of the fact.

I went to stay at my friend Pami's last night, I haven't seen her for ages and ages so it was lovely, plus I'd never been to her *new* house (she moved in 2 years ago).

We cooked up roast beef, yorkshire pud (I made the batter), roast potatoes (which I peeled) and parsnips, and steamed swede, squash and cabbage (which I chopped). Then she taught me how to get very messy making fruit crumble.

This obviously involved lots of gossiping at the same time and plenty of exclamations from her about the fact I can't really cook. She had a mother who wanted help in the kitchen and taught at the same time, mine wants you out from under her feet. But I cooked with Pami, and ate the crumble too - and I've always thought I didn't like it. It's made me more determined to make some of the recipes I have at home. Rather than just have lots of French cookbooks, I'm going to use them too. I might even see if there's a basic cooking course I can sign up to at one of the colleges, if it's cheap enough anyways.

My horoscope for today says:

You might find yourself really interested in getting out and doing something with the special people in your life, KATE. This is thanks to the day's planetary aspects, which are conspiring to make this a perfect time to get together. Is there a place you've been curious about and have wanted to visit? If so, go today. Pack up the family or friends, and head out for a fun day checking it out.

Good job I'm off to London with Emily then, going to all sorts of lovely places....Covent Garden, Selfridges (to photograph that expensive sandwich), and of course the real reason I'm going to London - to visit a Notting Hill.

I'll let you know how it goes.....

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