Sunday, April 02, 2006


Am I "several shades of crazy"? (as Campbelli would say)

After all, why else would I have hauled myself out of my nice snuggly bed to watch "a load of cars going round in circles" at 5am...

(The round in circles quote comes from my assistant manager Chris - not a motorsport fan)

It is nice to log on to MSN and see that my sister is online though. Reassures me that it's genetic at least!

Oooh, they're about to start. Who'll crash first?

Montoya spun before he got to the grid and then Fisichella stalled so new formation lap....that'll be Trulli spinning and clouting Coulthard, Massa's gone into the wall after a moment with Klien (who likes making people crash), and Montoya trying to take Raikkonen out yet again. Re-start.

This is why I get up so bloody early...

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EmLah said...

i soent quite a lot of time screaming at montoya, laughing at schumacher and telling villeneuve not to go anywhere near kimi lol