Thursday, April 20, 2006

Totally shit day

So, I wake up feeling like fat exhausted slug woman. Stumble to the bathroom and discover exactly why I feel like this. Get soaked on my way to work despite my umbrella.

Work is tolerable due to the fact it's payday and I go and buy lots of M&M's and Cheery Coke. I also bought The Bitch Goddess' Notebook - get to page 23 and burst into tears. Campbelli is now borrowing it until I feel able to actually read it.

Get home soaked again and almost drown bringing the bin in. Sit down at the pc ready for a nice evening of Warcraft...and the modem won't work.

Where Foley bit through the power cable and we had it repaired has finally given up the ghost. So I'm back on AOL free trial dial-up and it takes me 15 minutes to find the BT phone number online because AOL is so damn slow.

So I've ordered a new modem (£25 that I can't really afford) and it will arrive on Monday, when I'm at work so I'll actually get it on Wednesday.

I'm going to curl up on the sofa with my Cherry Coke, M&M's, fuzzy blanket (I'm already in my pjs) and cross-stitch. Then maybe the day will improve.



MarkFarley said...

Big, Big, Big, Big, Big Hugs...

Please tell me you were emotionally overwhelmed at the greatness of Martha's book... xx

Kate said...

It was more the bit where the pregnant one looks down and discovers she's bleeding...

But I was enjoying it up til that point, just wasn't a good day to read it.

Thanks for the hugs xxx