Sunday, December 18, 2005

Countdown - arrived by email but thought I'd post it here.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I have a mole on the sole of my right foot (very useful when learning right from left).
2. The small scar by my left eye is from when I had German Measles.
3. I get addicted to things really easily (like eBay, Neopets and WoW).
4. I adore white fairy lights.
5. I like cooking.
6. I hate letting go of friendships and will do almost anything to make them work.
7. I have music in my head all the time.
8. I love going for early morning walks (even though I hate getting up early).
9. I invent bits of back-story for people in adverts and on tv shows.
10. The only hot drink I like is hot chocolate made with brown sugar.

Nine Places I've Visited

1. Various places in France (favourite holiday destination).
2. Avebury, Stonehenge, Nine Ladies and Stanton Drew.
3. Bahrain (well I was born there, does it count as a visit?).
4. London.
5. Southwold.
6. Portugal.
7. Spain.
8. Germany.
9. Penang.

Eight Ways to Win My Heart

1. Bring the title and author of the obsure book you're looking for.
2. Buy me some chocolate.
3. Make me laugh.
4. Be polite.
5. Enjoy my over-explanation of things.
6. Bring me a book I haven't read.
7. Do the washing up for me.
8. Be true to yourself.

Seven Things I want to do Before I Die

1. Travel round Ireland.
2. Drink Champagne in a Champagne vineyard.
3. Collect all the Chalet School books.
4. Live in the countryside.
5. Live by the sea.
6. Have a book published.
7. Have grandchidren.

Six Things I'm Afraid of

1. Burning.
2. Big spiders.
3. Jumping into water (can't jump into pools even).
4. Wandering round strange places in the dark (I have crap night vision).
5. People I love getting hurt.
6. Doorways.

Five Things I don't Like

1. Tomatoes.
2. Cat litter underfoot.
3. Light bulbs blowing as I flick the switch.
4. Living in a town where I can't get to green spaces.
5. Getting up early for work.

Four Ways to Turn Me Off

1. Lie - to my face or behind my back.
2. Be two-faced.
3. Be rude for no reason.
4. Act like you're better than everyone else.

Three Things I Do Everyday

1. Read a book.
2. Hug my husband.
3. Spin round in circles til I'm dizzy.

Two Things that Make Me Happy

1. My husband.
2. My kitties.

One thing On My Mind Right Now

1. Making peppermint creams for work.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Easy like Sunday morning

I've had a nice restful day so far today.

My To-Do list includes washing the kitchen floor (done), writing some cards (done) and watching Finding Neverland and The Magic Roundabout that I got from ScreenSelect ages ago but haven't had time to watch yet.

I've managed half of The Magic Roundabout but then the PS2 won't read the disc any more so I'm finding some freeware to attempt to watch the second half on the PC instead.

I've just finished watching Finding Neverland though and I really enjoyed it. I'd been asking Phoenix to watch it with me for ages and he's kept saying no. I'm glad I watched it by myself in the end as he really wouldn't have enjoyed it, not enough wrestling or fight scenes.

I've then been onto Wikipedia to find out some background bits about the real story and came across a lovely page telling me all abput things that have happened on my birthday.

December 27th.

It's kinda cool to know I'm the same age as Spain's Democratic leadership and that I could be the reincarnation of Houari Boumedienne.

Right, let's boot up that Magic Roundabout and get on with my cross-stitch (not very seasonal I know, but I'm planning on starting a wintery picture of St. Basil's Basilica once I've got the threads)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Very Random

I've been singing all sorts of things all day and thinking I should post the lyrics in here.

This is the one I'm singing at the moment.

Train whistle blowing makes a sleepy noise
Underneath the blankets, go all the girls and boys
Heading from the station, out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown, many miles way

Sarah’s at the engine, Tony rings the bell
Mary swings the lantern to show that all is well
Rocking, rolling, riding, out along the bay
All bound for morning town, many miles away

Maybe it is raining, where our train will ride
But all the little travelers are snug and warm inside
Somewhere there is sunshine, somewhere there is rain
Somewhere there is Morningtown, many miles away.

Don't know why it's in my head, it just is.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feeling Festive

Well I got him to get me down the tree and the lights and then he laughed at me detangling lights and getting hyper. I found myself "Miracle on 34th Street" to watch while I decorated the tree and stuck strings of fairy lights up all over the living room.

Then we watched football and the FA Cup draw (Fulham away, could be interesting) and now he's gone off into the front room to play with some secret christmas project and I've been WoWing and watching soppy movies.

It's been a pretty good weekend really, even though he was at work yesterday. It was good really as I got to play house and get it all shiny for today and then today we got to snuggle in a glittery (it fell off the baubles) cat-filled room.

Extra: Digging through boxes yesterday made me reminisce and so I gave into temptation and looked a few folks up on Friends Reunited. It's good to see folks doing well and in places I'd always hoped they'd be. Good luck with the wedding plans guys and well done on the Euro win last season.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cleaning Demon

Ok, well I'm not a complete cleaning demon, but I did just *blitz* the living room (which took a whole 5 minutes thanks to FlyLady) as I decided I wanted to put the tree up.

But after nearly falling off the ladder attempting to get into the loft I went in search of fairy lights instead, thinking that we'd left some in the front room. (I'll get Phoenix to get me the tree later).

I din't find any fairy lights, but I decided to clear through one of my boxes of old stuff. I have... NO! I HAD 5 boxes of stuff and now I have 4 and a box that is practically empty.

I threw away a load of OU stuff from when I tried to start it when living with Jon, a load of notes from uni, shopping lists and all sorts of other junky bits that related to time at uni. I threw away three photos in frames (one of which was a LoveHearts frame that had gone mouldy) as the frames weren't my choices originally and I hated them, plus a couple of letters and notes from Jon. It's quite scary to realise that I hadn't been through that stuff before and yet there were so few notes and cards in there.

I didn't throw away a load of books, mostly pop science stuff but also all my James Herriot that I thought I'd lost. I also kept a toy ginger cat named Bijou (we were going to have cats called Bijou and Delilah (Jon kept Delilah), can't remember why we chose those names) as I still like the toy and a photo in a cuddly pink frame. I figure when I can look at that and not remember why I was with the guy in the first place, then I can throw it. It doesn't make me sad to look at it, I just remember the good times so for now it can stay. I also found a picture of the two of us that was taken in Covent Garden in 1997. I look so different now, and I can hardly remember being that girl. But she looks happy so I shall keep that too.
I also found shed loads of letters from people like EMF, Pami, Benji, Tim Herrick, a letter from Claudia and all sorts of letters from old pen pals and people I met on holiday. I've kept those, some because I loved rereading them and others because they'll be useful for explaining myself to my kids in the future.

So a productive afternoon. I have an almost empty storage box (which will be combined with the next box I do so I have one empty and one with some bits in), a lovely neat living room, a real life cat meowing at me to move the keyboard so she can sit on my lap and I found all my James Herriot books.

Now I'm off to kick some Scourge butt in WoW until Phoenix gets home to get me my fairy lights.