Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cleaning Demon

Ok, well I'm not a complete cleaning demon, but I did just *blitz* the living room (which took a whole 5 minutes thanks to FlyLady) as I decided I wanted to put the tree up.

But after nearly falling off the ladder attempting to get into the loft I went in search of fairy lights instead, thinking that we'd left some in the front room. (I'll get Phoenix to get me the tree later).

I din't find any fairy lights, but I decided to clear through one of my boxes of old stuff. I have... NO! I HAD 5 boxes of stuff and now I have 4 and a box that is practically empty.

I threw away a load of OU stuff from when I tried to start it when living with Jon, a load of notes from uni, shopping lists and all sorts of other junky bits that related to time at uni. I threw away three photos in frames (one of which was a LoveHearts frame that had gone mouldy) as the frames weren't my choices originally and I hated them, plus a couple of letters and notes from Jon. It's quite scary to realise that I hadn't been through that stuff before and yet there were so few notes and cards in there.

I didn't throw away a load of books, mostly pop science stuff but also all my James Herriot that I thought I'd lost. I also kept a toy ginger cat named Bijou (we were going to have cats called Bijou and Delilah (Jon kept Delilah), can't remember why we chose those names) as I still like the toy and a photo in a cuddly pink frame. I figure when I can look at that and not remember why I was with the guy in the first place, then I can throw it. It doesn't make me sad to look at it, I just remember the good times so for now it can stay. I also found a picture of the two of us that was taken in Covent Garden in 1997. I look so different now, and I can hardly remember being that girl. But she looks happy so I shall keep that too.
I also found shed loads of letters from people like EMF, Pami, Benji, Tim Herrick, a letter from Claudia and all sorts of letters from old pen pals and people I met on holiday. I've kept those, some because I loved rereading them and others because they'll be useful for explaining myself to my kids in the future.

So a productive afternoon. I have an almost empty storage box (which will be combined with the next box I do so I have one empty and one with some bits in), a lovely neat living room, a real life cat meowing at me to move the keyboard so she can sit on my lap and I found all my James Herriot books.

Now I'm off to kick some Scourge butt in WoW until Phoenix gets home to get me my fairy lights.

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tleahy said...

It might be a very, very long time since this post - I'm not sure if you even remember this blog, let alone if you're being notified of the entries - but I suspect you chose the names "Delilah" and "Bijou" because those were the names of Freddie Mercury's cats at the time of his death. There's a song dedicated to each on the Queen album Innuendo.