Friday, December 09, 2005

Very Random

I've been singing all sorts of things all day and thinking I should post the lyrics in here.

This is the one I'm singing at the moment.

Train whistle blowing makes a sleepy noise
Underneath the blankets, go all the girls and boys
Heading from the station, out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown, many miles way

Sarah’s at the engine, Tony rings the bell
Mary swings the lantern to show that all is well
Rocking, rolling, riding, out along the bay
All bound for morning town, many miles away

Maybe it is raining, where our train will ride
But all the little travelers are snug and warm inside
Somewhere there is sunshine, somewhere there is rain
Somewhere there is Morningtown, many miles away.

Don't know why it's in my head, it just is.

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