Thursday, April 29, 2004

I love my sister

I don't usually admit to this, but my sister is fantastic.

She is smart, funny and drop dead gorgeous. She has great taste in music and clothes (unlike me) and slightly dodgy taste in men (just like me).

Basically she's fab.

I'll miss you when you're in Canada baby sister. You'll have to update your blog lots so I can keep an eye on you!

Emily Ruth Holmden, you're the best little (little? she's taller than me!) sister in the world.

Her blog is over there ----------->

(BTW, this was brought on by the fact that she got me a Tyrannian Harris on NeoPets. If you don't know about NeoPets follow the link and find out. My user name is aoifephoenix and you will find the Tyrannian Harris in my shop along with all the other Harriseseses my sweet sister has got me)

Book Reviews

I wrote these yesterday for work but thought you lot might like them too. They're short and sweet as the cards we have to write on are not very big.


Lirael by Garth Nix

Lirael returns us to the Old Kingdom fourteen years after the events told in Sabriel. Lirael is a daughter of the Clayr, a race of Seers who live within the Glacier. But Lirael has never received the Gift of Sight and so she spends her time working and hiding in the Great Library where she can learn more Charter Magic. When she is sent on a quest to find a boy named Nicholas, she meets up with Prince Sameth and her whole world changes overnight.
A fantastic return to the world first introduced in Sabriel.


Abhorsen by Garth Nix

In Abhorsen we return to the story of Prince Sameth and Lirael. They are both still reeling from the discovery of their true destinies, Sam as a Wallmaker, and Lirael as The-Abhorsen-In-Waiting. The race to the Red Lake is becoming more desperate every day, and with the news of Sabriel and Touchstone's murders still ringing in their ears, Lirael and Sam must fight their way through many Dead to reach their destination.
The finale to The Old Kingdom Trilogy is tense and exciting. Very highly recommended.


Paradise Fields by Katie Fforde

Nel is pleasantly surprised by a kiss from a handsome stranger at the Christmas Farmers Market. Her excuse to her friends is that she was selling mistletoe at the time, but this doesn't explain why she gets so flustered every time she thinks of him.
But when the hospices playing fields are threatened, and her handsome stranger turns out to be the solicitor for the enemy, Nel must fight with strength she never knew she had.
Katie Fforde's latest bestseller is an absolutely glorious tale of love, life and community spirit.


A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

Tiffany Aching is leaving home to be apprenticed to Miss Level, a witch who lives in the mountain country and sometimes leaves her glasses on her other nose. Tiffany is so busy trying to get used to being surrounded by trees, and to be accepted by the other apprentice witches (one of whom prefers Magick to magic) that she doesn't realise she is being hunted by a Hiver, a magical creature from the beginnings of Time.
Luckily Rob Any Body, Daft Wullie and the rest of the Nac Mac Feegle clan are on their way to help out, along with a certain Mistress Weatherwax.
As with all DiscWorld books, highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Book Blog

I got a blog for my books.

Mab's can find her one in the WitchGrove list, and mine at the top of the Links!

Stolen from Kerendith's Live Journal

Silly Meme
Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

I like this idea, if I had more time before work I'd post hundreds!

I'm back!

The computer is up and running again AND I've managed to find my way back into here!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Stolen from Anna's Live Journal

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

Soooo...ask already!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mab's at it again!

Phoenix tells everyone about his "must do something" feeling, and Mab immediately comes up with things for him to do! She's soooooo fantastic!

(Copied from the Grove)


**For a while now I've felt there's something
that needs to be done. Something quite important to me and maybe to
you to. 'What needs to be done?' I hear you ask. Well, I dont
actually know that. 'How do you know somethings wrong?' you say? I
dont really know that either. 'What do you know!?'. If you pick your
nose and eat it your hair turns green! Thats it.

Any ideas?**


1, Snog Kate
2, Join AI
3, Volunteer to do another weekly discussion in October, because your last one
was great
4, Snog Kate again, but this time on behalf of the entire Grove
5, Put a kilt on, take a picture of yourself and post it to me to put on the

Hold on, more clues... important to you and maybe to us...

6, Get handfasted to Kate


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wolverhampton Moot

Well yesterday was mostly lovely!

Work was boring in that long/short way again, until Aud turned up with Harriet and Liam (who are just adorable). Then Mab appeared, and then Laura! Aud took her witchlings home and Mab and Laura went across to the pub to wait for me.

We were in there for about an hour as just the three of us and had some deep and meaningful chats and conflabs while cuddled in the corner. Then lots of people all turned up at once (at least that's what it felt like).

Darling, darling, darling, darling Cabochon turned up first (with a HUGE umberella) and handed us all these little linen bags, each containing a totally gorgeous necklace that he had made in a silversmithing (?) course. Mine is still round my neck now (although it spent the night back in it's bag) and sooooo many people commented on it at work today. Tres gorgeous!

Who else turned up......Phoenix, Mandy, Jennie, Aud and her friend whose name I didn't catch, Steve, Jamie (grinning like a mad thing), Jens friend Carola and her male friend......oh and a friend of Mandys whose name I didn't catch but who said "Mandy said I had to talk to you as you are just the sweetest thing"! (No danger of me going on Mandys list at the moment then!)

Anyway, we all trooped off to the moot and listened to the frozen chicken incident (there wasn't one there actually) and then Mab bought me a book (((lovely Mab))), Aud gave me the stuff she'd got me from Lush plus some extra goodies (((lovely Aud))) and Jennie produced a plastic bag with a goldfish in it (like the one you used to win at fairgrounds)! This fish managed to scare all the bar staff, and then later lost its plastic bag and went home with Laura! (Fish napper!)

What else.....lots of fun and chats about strange things and the "Galway" man who asked Mab to marry him and Carola showed me the Witchy Tarot set that I've ordered for myself and I took a big list of books to order for people and handed out lots of invites.

(Which reminds me I must get a map up on my'll probably be there by the time you read this, whoever you are).

Then today I was hungover and tired and craving OJ but had no cash for any. Then we discovered that the guys who were fitting the CCTV at work last night not only left dirty mugs all over the shop and the staff room, but when they set off the fire alarm at 4am by burning some was my bread that they were burning, spread with my butter from the fridge and washed down with my lemon squash and all the milk!

Vicky nearly threw a fit! Since I only had £1 she gave me money from petty cash to buy more bread (so I could have lunch) and wrote a STINKER of an email to the bosses of the guys. They are never coming back to the shop ever again, and another guy brought round a large box of Thorntons chocs from his bosses as an apology.

So that was fun!

Phoenix will be home soon so I shall finish off so he can have the computer.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Long/short day

Today feels like a long day now I'm sat down and have finished running about, but the day at work went remarkably quickly.

I'm realy quite sleepy and not quite sure what to do with myself at the moment. Should I have a nap for an hour and then not be able to sleep later? or should I have a sleepy relaxed evening, watching TV and sewing and then have a hot bath and a snuggly bed time cuddle with my rather gorgeous man?

I think the second one. I think I've been neglecting him recently, with all the stress and everything bed has just meant sleep for the past month or so....and that's a loooong gap. I think I'll have to work on my seduction techniques for later in the week...better get some more red wine in!

Still, I'm all caught up on WitchGrove and so he can have the computer for almost the whole evening, although I'll need to pop back in there before bed.

Rollright Stones

Some stupid little bastards did this.

I hope they're terrified by the fact they've pissed off some druids! (even though it's a total cliche).

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I read a fantastically good book today.

This is the site for Gwydir Castle itself.

This is the link to the book "Castles in the Air" by Judy Corbett.

I plan to visit there when I can persuade Mab that it's something that she'd like to do and that she'd like to give me a lift. ;)