Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Center Parcs

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Slightly tipsy on red wine and suffering from the giggles. (Anthony is trying very hard to ignore Emily...)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Home Again

I am back after a week away, mostly spent at Center Parcs with a couple of days in Essex.

I am over the moon at Michelle's news.

I am also rather pleased about the Grand Prix result this morning.

I am also a sleepy bunny.

That is all.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time for bed

It's nice to hear the British national anthem...but I have to confess that when it comes to the Grand Prix I'd sooner hear the Finnish and Italian ones.

And now, I'm going back to bed. I shall wake Anthony up and put the race video on for him and I shall doze and tell him to "watch this bit, Coulthard swears!".

G'night/G'morning folks.

Kimi is broken. He's parked himself just inside the pit lane.

ITV are praising Lewis for his driving today, we've seen about 30 seconds of him since he's just got out the front and stayed there.

Bourdais is out too...his engine just packed in.

He's gonna get some points though, SEVEN drivers left out of twenty-two.


It's all over.


and that's it...


They think Barrichello will be disqualified, which means that Kimi will get a point after all.

(and Emily just answered me, Hello crazy sibling)

*They're saying it's a "marvellous victory" for Lewis, bollocks it is, all he had to do was keep it on the road.
We've lost another one. Kubica is out after a shunt with Nakajima, Nakajima needed to change his nose but came back out again.

Looks like almost every driver that finishes is going to get points today, can't remember the last time this happened.

Kimi's Ferrari sounds very very sick...
Kimi goes backward into Turn 3. He really doesn't like that corner.

Eleven...no...ten drivers left. As I typed eleven, Timo Glock managed to dismantle his Toyota at Turn Twelve. Hit the kerb, bounced a bit, hit another kerb and shot into the air and smashed his suspension on landing.

Barrichello has just left the pits and tried to take his refueller with him, owch.

Bunch of cars going round in circles, yes. Boring, no!
Crap, Kimi in the gravel...

But he keeps it going, avoids the wall and he's back out again. Don't do this to me boy!

(Emily appears to be asleep as she hasn't answered my text, she's so much more sensible than me)

Massa's car is being towed away, and there's a Renault empty and parked...not Alonso, bugger.
Coulthard would "like to kick three bells of shit out of the little bastard".

Bet they don't broadcast THAT this afternoon.

That's just one of the reasons I get up this early folks.
Massa and Coulthard have just collided... the Ferrari seems to be ok, but Coulthard has lost his left front and right rear, the rear from hitting Massa, the front went as he went sideways into the gravel. That's a rather broken car.

Poor Dave. One British driver left, and he's in the lead.

So we're down to 14 runners if Massa stays in.
Kimi has got past Barrichello at last, and promptly sticks in a new fastest lap time.
Come on Kimi!

And Trulli's in the pit lane and is getting out of his car in a bit of a strop.
Webber, Button, Davidson, Vettel and Fisichella are the poor buggers whose race is over.

Red Bull are working on Webber's car, but he's got out and given up. Poor sod never has any luck at home.

Now we just need something to happen to Lewis and Kimi to win.
First crash of the season...

Massa put himself into the wall. Behind him Fisichella nearly got turned upside-down into the gravel after being picked up on someones nose.

Fisi is being craned off. Massa needs a new nose. Button looks like his back left wheel is about to fall off.

Kimi's moved up to 8th, Piquet to 12th and the safety car is out.

Four cars out...

Good Grief

Am I insane?

Why do I put myself through this time and again.

Yes folks, it's the Australian Grand Prix and I'm up to watch it.

That's with the evil zombie flu that I seem to be starting (Anthony's got it too, nosebleeds and all).

Anyways...I'm not the only one...BBC F1 Live

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Douze Points

Yes I know I know I know.

7. I've finished reading The Margarets which was very good if slightly confusing at times. So of course I have started rereading, starting with The Fresco.

8. My mother's present has hit a brick wall at the moment...


...it's just too big and I have burn-out.

9. So I have started doing one of these Art Deco ones. They are small and therefore quick, and I've decided to do them on card which is a nice change.

The set. (with the cover of The Margarets visible on the right)

Art Nouveau Set

Daffodils in progress.

Art Nouveau DaffsArtNDaffs1503

It's very satisfying doing the black outlines and then filling them in.

10. I've read two more S&A's books, We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea and Secret Water

11. I've been really enjoying the Worlds of Fantasy series on BBC4. This weeks one had both Pratchett and WoW in it, and last weeks was talking about LOTR and Gormenghast. I realised I'd never actually read Gormenghast so sent Emily a text...

Kate to Emily - Have you got Gormenghast? Can I borrow it?
E to K - The BBC series or my play?
K to E - The book...
E to K - LOL, yes, will bring next week.

This is because we'd sold our copy at work (which I'd been going to buy) to a guy who was buying it cos he'd seen the Worlds of Fantasy programme and decided to read it...

12. Other nice work coincidences include the fact that a bloke wanted a copy of The Children of Green Knowe on the same day that I'd had a conversation with Anthony about kids names. Apparently Toseland can't be used as a first name...(we were trying to find a first name that will go with Ayrton as a middle name...)

13. The above conversation also included the fact that we have to name one of the boys (in our undecided number of future children) Jack Daniel, "because if we don't do it you know your bloody sister will!".

14. Work has been quiet as Gavin had a few days holiday, also RichieFingers and Chris have both been suffering from evil zombie plague (named by Gavin) which turns its sufferers into the walking dead. The fact it's just been affecting the men is obviously just a Midlands thing as mum has been dealing with the Southern version. I just hope I don't get it for next week - I'm on holiday!

15. I've finally bought the brilliant Michael Rosen's Sad Book. On days when I need a little help this works wonders. It makes me cry my eyes out at the same time as consoling me that feeling like this is allowed.

16. I'm feeling very sorry for poor Kimi, as this (16) is his starting slot for tomorrow mornings GP. I will be getting up to watch it, hopefully with more success than my attempt at watching the qualifying this morning when I slept straight through my (very noisy) alarm. Thanks to the video, I am watching it now though.

17. Every now and again I buy myself the Cross Country Stitching magazine. I have discovered that I love that kind of stuff (although I draw the line at the religious/USA is the best ones). My Welcome Birdhouse cross-stitch is very much in that style.

18. Phew! (I was struggling). I'm on holiday for a week or so now and will be away from the internet for a good chunk of that. It's making me sad as I don't want to miss any news from Michelle <--- the baby's due any day now!!!

There's your 18 things Jen, even though I cheated a little sorry.

If I'm awake enough I shall do some liveblogging during the GP tomorrow morning, nice race start time of 4.30am...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

First Six

Bless me Reader for I have sinned, it has been 18 days since my last post and yesterday I got thoroughly told off by my colleague Jen for not having posted meaning that every time she checked my blog she had to read about Rich D and his penchant for porn. (Hey Rich, hope you feel better today (he had a dodgy curry on Friday)).

Last night I tried to think of some intelligent things to write that might appease her, but instead gave up and drank cider, stitched and watched French Kiss and Amelie.

This morning I decided that I should try and write down 18 things I have done in those 18 days...

First Six.

1. I've read the first six Swallows and Amazons books. (because despite the fact I intended to start them in Feb, I didn't).

2. I've also read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot, and part of The Margarets the new Sheri S. Tepper book which I am enjoying hugely (and which means of course that I will start rereading her other books shortly).

3. The lovely Anthony took me to Argos and we purchased a DVD tower, cheval mirror and a bookcase. The tower is nearly full up, the mirror is slightly scary as I haven't had a full length mirror since the other one fell off the wall, and the bookcase is full.

Book Room 3

4. I went to the pub the other Friday (the 29th) for a quick celebratory drink after work (you may have noticed my divorce countdown has vanished...). This "quick drink" with Jo and Liz (and Liz's bloke Steve who turned up later) meant that I got home at 1.30am. Now that's a proper quick drink after work, haven't had one of those for ages!

5. This meant that Alf and Mick didn't come round the following night (as I was mostly asleep) but they did come round on Sunday to go to the computer fair at the racecourse. They went off and I stayed home and waited for them to get back. Waited, and waited, and waited. I not only managed to level up Tanara in that time, but I proved once again that I should not be left alone at home with nails and a hammer.

Cat Pegs
Hall, Right Side

6. We also had a lovely takeaway curry from Cafe Champagne one night. Although I made a small mistake and didn't order enough naan bread. I had what they call a Fusion, where you get two different curries. When I'd had it in the restaurant it was very nice, I just underestimated the portions slightly when it came to the takeaway...

Fusion Curry

...I only had 1 & 1/2 naan breads to mop up all that sauce!

(and now Anthony is home after a night out carting so you shall get the next six later...probably).