Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feeling Festive

Well I got him to get me down the tree and the lights and then he laughed at me detangling lights and getting hyper. I found myself "Miracle on 34th Street" to watch while I decorated the tree and stuck strings of fairy lights up all over the living room.

Then we watched football and the FA Cup draw (Fulham away, could be interesting) and now he's gone off into the front room to play with some secret christmas project and I've been WoWing and watching soppy movies.

It's been a pretty good weekend really, even though he was at work yesterday. It was good really as I got to play house and get it all shiny for today and then today we got to snuggle in a glittery (it fell off the baubles) cat-filled room.

Extra: Digging through boxes yesterday made me reminisce and so I gave into temptation and looked a few folks up on Friends Reunited. It's good to see folks doing well and in places I'd always hoped they'd be. Good luck with the wedding plans guys and well done on the Euro win last season.

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