Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Love letters, hate junk mail.

The post in the last few days has been worse than normal. Usually we have a couple of bits of post a day, usually both junk. But we've had nothing for the past few days and then *thump* it all arrived at once.

What did we get?

- An application form for Purple Loans (homeowners only).
- Credit card application (41.9% typical APR) (I feel horrible that there are people out there who actually have to take this as an option).
- Another credit card application (this one only has 21.9% APR).
- A SKY statement (must phone and pay that in a sec).
- An advert letter for botaxyouth serum (with lots of pictures inside using very clever lighting).
- An advert letter for Slimtox (including pictures of the many celebrities that have successfully used detox as a method of losing weight, but neglecting to mention that none of them have actually used this product).

So from my post/mail you can see that the whole point of life is to be thin, wrinkle free and to pay for those things by taking out loans and using credit cards. Oh, and that I have to pay SKY.

Funny how something that you would think would give you an insight into someone is possibly as far from the truth as possible.

I don't have wrinkles yet, due to the fact that I have oily skin so I still get spots for heavens sake! Detox? Ok, but pass that bar of Dairy Milk first (it's 2 400g bars for £3 in Woolies at the moment). Money wise we're doing ok, not rich, but not awake at night worrying about which bills to pay first. Oh, but I do have to pay SKY (as soon as I'm not on hold for 20 minutes....)

So contrary to my post (mail post as opposed to Blog post), life is good.

Now I'm off to kick some Undead butt in WoW until the towels are done in the washing machine.

Edit: My emails are usually worse than my post but today I didn't have a single Viagra or Porn email in my Junk Mail. Instead I had one from Bob Geldolf about emailing Peter Mandelson. Definately an email worth receiving.

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