Sunday, November 06, 2005

Got shouted at... my sister for not posting on here. I would like to point out that she's not posting much either!

I haven't been doing much to post about, at least not anything that is interesting to anyone other than Phoenix or me.

I've been:
a) working,
b) sleeping,
c) doing housework (well trying to)
d) playing WoW.

and that's about it.

Last week was a busy one. Phoenix had his first wrestling show on Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday we had visitors and Thursday was the moot (which I didn't go to as I was very very very sleepy from Tuesday still).

I scared a few people at work by going into a seemingly sugar induced craze for a couple of days, but in fact it was just the usual new year realignment.

I say the usual - I spend the first few days after Samhain feeling gradually more and more disoriented and then things move back into place again. I attempted to describe it to Campbell and she gave me a funny look.
Ok, draw a vertical line (on paper, visualise it whatever) to represent the universe. Then draw another one running parallel to it and about 5mm away. Then draw three more lines each 5mm away from the last. At the most extreme point I felt as though I was on the line furthest from the universe and moving along that line sideways. But thanks to lots of Cherry Coke, Dairy Milk and some intervention from Deep Secret - I'm now back in line with the universe again.

This led to a few nice moments of epiphany and realisation, so I'm now inclined to start giggling for no apparent reason and be walking round with a huge grin for the next few weeks.

Other than that, I'm planning for Yule. Trying to get the house sorted and presents organised. We still don't know if we'll be going down South for a few days (depends on the cats) but I hope we get to. One of the other things that's been getting to me is the accent up here - I'm homesick for people saying "daann" rather that "dow-an" (down). Really have to sort things so I can move back home. It's nice up here and all but half the time I can't understand what people are saying and then they look at me like I'm crazy.

Right, I should have wittered enough to keep Emily happy. See you in a bit!


EmLah said...

yey thank you.
mr reed died. :(
i always get the disorientated thing too only i eat a lot of monstermunch.
its the anniversary of me breaking my hand.
i live in wales, i have it worse with the valllllley accents lol. solly (sorry) aiaaaa (hi)

Kate said...

Just went and Googled and found out about Bob! I can't believe it!
I just found the video clip I got from the BBC with him praising the IB and everything!
Blimey, NOW I really feel old.