Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Forgot to mention...

...that this guy came back into work last week!

RichieDaws says that he's been in a few times, but I haven't been about. This time I was (obviously)...

So there's a big queue and ths guy just joins it. I tried to make Chris aware of who he was, but with a big queue it wasn't possible to go "Hey Chris, you remember hearing about the guy who came in and got pornographic? Well that's him." So instead I served my way through the queue til he arrived in front of me.

Once again he wanted to see "spell books" so once again we went down to the back of the shop. Once again he started telling kme about how he gets possessed sexually, and I told him that anything that would help would be on the shelf and I had to get back to the counter but would come back when I could.

So I went back and served, and served and served (we get v.busy at lunchtimes) and attempted to tell Chris who he was. Then he came back and lurked near the counter so I phoned RichieDaws. I pretended he was a customer since the sleazy guy was by the counter, Rich got a little confused by this "Hello Kate, I'm not a customer!" but eventually he got the point.

I made another phone call (a real customer this time) and Mr Sleaze went off down the back again because Bod appeared (and got very grrry at him, but went to watch him on camera when I said Rich was on his way).

Rich appeared and I described the guy, then as I saw him coming back to the counter I hid in the back room while Rich politely explained that I wasn't going to help him and that he should leave. Mr Sleaze protested so Rich pointed out to him that he knew what Sleazy man had been saying and would call the police. Mr Sleaze left and I went upstairs and ate more chocolate (I was on a 3 x 30 min break pattern that day).

I dislike the fact he came back, but I love the way that he left! (if only ALL sleazy men were so easy to get rid of)


MarkFarley said...

Hey, did you get the email I sent to your work?

Kate said...

Ooooooh! Nope, but then I don't get to look at the emails too often, I shall get on there today though.