Friday, November 18, 2005

Ceefax @ 19.00

I always flip through the news on Ceefax when I get up in the morning and when I get home from work

I go straight to page 104 and then progress through to 124. These are the first 10 stories I read tonight, in the order they appeared on screen.

104 - England considers World Cup bid.

105 - Blair defends education reforms.

106 - Iraq suicide attacks kill dozens.

107 - Supply fears amid gas price surge.

108 - Prince to sue over China diaries.

109 - UN rejects Guantanamo visit offer.

110 - Met boss may face Menezes inquiry.

111 - Bird flu vaccine "fast-tracked".

112 - Keane in shock exit from Man Utd.

113 - Policewoman shot dead in robbery.

Woah! Back up there! A policewoman being murdered ranks below Roy Keane quitting Man United?

My outrage was slightly cooled by the fact that it is now the lead story on the BBC News website, but even so!

Ok, I have vented my rage, I'm now off to eat chocolate, watch Children In Need and light a candle for a woman who was doing her job, and for her colleague in hospital.

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