Thursday, October 13, 2005

John Peel Day

It's John Peel day today. It marks a year since his last broadcast before his death.

I used to listen to him back during my teenage radio phase. I'd start the day with Chris Evans (and later Zoe Ball) on the Breakfast show (which we also got to listen to on the school bus sometimes), then when I got back after school I'd stick the radio back on and listen right through until I went to sleep. Even then I'd still be listening as I'd fall asleep with the radio on until some random bit of music (usually played by Andy Kershaw) would wake me up and I'd turn it off.

I can't say that my musical tastes wrere decided by listening to John Peel, my parents are responsible for my love of 60's/70's music and my Neil Young tolerance, but I certainly heard bands I wouldn't have heard otherwise.

So here's to John Peel. A man who gave us music and laughter. A man who I used to hear talking about his home studio and I could almost see him there. Thanks for everything John.

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