Saturday, October 08, 2005

Finally not buying into it!

Phoenix refers to me as the "ad-man's dream".

I buy into adverts. I see things and think I need them. I watch shows and cry over the characters. I create back stories for people in adverts and characters in my favourite shows.

But this time I beat him!

If I bought into all of it, I would use some fancy brand name washing powder rather than Sainsbury's own-brand.

Then I would have been able to wash the bloodstains out of a new white towel (shaving legs fast with cheap razors, not good) with Daz or Bold or Fairy. Instead I used the own brand stuff with a little Ecover stain remover, and the towel is gleaming!

Of course if I bought into all of it I would have a Venus Divine razor rather than the 30 for £1 from the £ shop. (I do have a Venus razor, in an attempt to be kinder to the environment (as in throwing away blades rather than a whole razor each time), but the others are cheaper).

But then again I did (partly) cut my legs up due to drinking the limited edition pink fizzy lovely wine from Marks and seen on TV.

Ok, I'm off to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (still not my friend Beth though) and drink more pink fizzy (saving some for during the GP tomorrow - at 6am...)

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