Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well, sort of.

I went back to bed after the rather eventful Australian Grand Prix. I don't have to get up that early again until October and the Chinese one.

Then when I eventually got up again I did some laundry, washing-up, 2 lots of 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the living room, hoovered right through downstairs and then mopped through to remove the last traces of the enormous amounts of mud that Phoenix managed to leave behind him. Now my house is shiny and nice and MINE!

After all that I remembered to have some lunch (I keep forgetting to eat) and spent the rest of the afternoon lying on my nice big bed listening to Robbie Williams, snuggling with the cats and reading David Eddings.

Once again I haven't really done any of my March Things. I've read all three Travelling Pants books, the 11 Stephanie Plum books (and the Xmas novella too), 8 Tamora Pierce books and 5 David Eddings books (The Belgariad series, about to start the Mallorean series). But no Catcher or Great Expectations, let alone S&A's reviews.

I've done a bit of the footstool, but I've only really done any work in it in the last week. Before that I wasn't in the mood to work on a present for Phoenix's grandmother so I've been doing the Desperate Housewife one instead. I've done all the coloured bits and I've started on the backstitched outlines now. I will post photos to show where I've got to, but not until after Easter when I get my new shiny PC (as this one is Phoenix's, but he's letting me hang onto it until my parents bring me back here with my new Dell one).

Now I shall watch Mayo, see what colour my hair dries as (new hair dye) and do some more work on that footstool.

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