Sunday, April 16, 2006


I'm got my broadband back!

During a MSN chat with the "third man" (as mentioned in last nights drunken rant) I explained that I currently only had dial-up and that it was because I had no idea where the disc with the modem software was.

He has the same modem, and he has his disc. So after a further discussion on MSN we met up to see if it was a case of me borrowing it, or him coming and installing it.

He not only came and installed it, he also did all my Windows and anti-virus updates for me too!

So I have broadband and I have been reminded that there are some very nice men out there, they just need looking for in other places than nightclubs.

WoW is also all installed, the pictures are on the London Calling post and Emily's MSN thing states that she "is in love with Indiana Beaver".

Bed time for me now, and I'll actually get a lie-in in the morning! I have only two things I have to do tomorrow, go into town and get phone credit, and email a very big thankyou to a very very nice man.


MarkFarley said...

A strange man came round to fix the broadband?

Sounds like a bad plot in a cheesy 70s porn film to be...

I have to say that I am seethingly jealous. xx

Kate said...


Jealous? If you'd had the right disc and lived slightly closer than London I would have asked you, but since not, I asked him!

...and what were you still doing up at nearly 2am??

MarkFarley said...

Obsessively reading this blog of course...

Kate said...


It's not like I went to bed much earlier I suppose, and the first place I visited when I got broadband back was your blog.

MarkFarley said...

yeah baby!!!