Friday, April 21, 2006

Man list

(there were a few more "juicy" suggestions in the original list, but I've left them out so that I don't shatter all your pre-conceived ideas about me in one go. Besides, Campbelli was only guessing about the leather....)

1. Single.
2. Straight.
3. Solvent.
4. Not too high-maintenance, but not a scruff-bum either.
5. Must read – but not true crime.
6. Not too old (unless Keanu Reeves, George Clooney or Sean Connery).
7. Must be able to cook and wash-up (and actually do them too).
8. Must like wine.
9. Non-smoker.
10. Must understand need for chocolate.
11. Must like/tolerate Marmite.
12. Must like Grand Prix.
13. Must understand Warcraft addiction.
14. Smart dresser – more like Chris than Fingers though.
15. Sympathetic when I have PMT.
16. MUST UNDERSTAND DISCWORLD (or at least try to).
17. Capable of having random conversations.
18. Must fund Subway habit.
19. Non-scary family.
20. Must like cats.
21. Must provide own dirty movies.
22. Willy must be big.
23. Must be able to laugh when Position of the Fortnight goes wrong resulting in trip to Casualty.
24. Should be strong enough to put up a good fight.
25. Should know the key characters in LOTR.
26. Needs to have a car.
27. Must enjoy long, random walks holding hands in the countryside.
28. Able to buy flowers on non-special occassions.
29. Not scared of romance.
30. Must have a passport.
31. Must want children one day.
32. No embarrassing ring-tones.
33. Able to dance without looking completely mad.
34. No shorter than 5’10”.
35. Must be able to tolerate addiction to 60’s/70’s music and sometimes cheesy pop.
36. Not a homicidal maniac.
37. Must be a gentleman.
38. Nice bottom.
39. Not afraid to try new things.

Campbelli and Phil are mostly responsible for numbers 4,16,21,22,23,24,26,27 & 38. Emily insists on number 34, and Jen, Tom, Lucy and Harriet also contributed to the list. (It was a slow Saturday.)

The man I have a crush on scores 19 yeses, 7 nos and 13 don't-knows.
The Third Man (also known as A.) scores 29 yeses, and 10 don't knows.
Andy scores 9 yeses and 30 nos.



MarkFarley said...

1. No (not a good start...)2. yes 3. I used to sniff them 4. Yes.. ah.. shit 5. Yes! 6. Yes! (although early 30) 7. Yes! 8. Def Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. Yes... tolerate 12. No. 13. Fraid Not 14. Dammit (don't want much, do ya?) 15. Yes (lots of practice there) 16. No 17. Yes 18. No (fund yourself, what are you... Africa?) 19. No 20. Yes!!! 21. Yes (will create also) 22. Yes! 23. Yes 24. Yes 25. what's LOTR? 26. No 27. Yes 28. Yes but forget 29. Yes 30. Yes 31. No 32. Yes 33. No 34. No 35. No 36. Yes 37. Yes 38. Yes 39. Yes

Was worried at the end but totally redeemed myself at the end

Kate said...

So you got 24 yeses, 13 nos and 2 passes. Not a bad tally really. LOTR = Lord of the Rings, you must have seen the films even if you've never read the books.

Giggling at your answers to 21 and 38, I'm sure Campbelli's got a camera somewhere.

(and I'm not Africa, I just really like their food. Could have been worse, could have been my chocolate habit)

MarkFarley said...

Campbelli is welcome round with her camera anytime...

Hey, we are still waiting for a picture of this elusive and mysterious Campbelli creature!

Campbelli said...

Thought of vital number 40. Must tolerate me (Campbelli) during one of my many drunken rants about how great it must be to be a lesbian!! then hold her hair back while she threatens to be sick (although I very rarely am!)