Thursday, April 13, 2006

Restful Thursday

Well apart from the cleaning I did earlier to help my dad.

I still don't have pictures from yesterday cos Emily was at work all day and then only came home for long enough to get changed before heading out to see Story of the Year at the Astoria tonight. Hopefully I'll get them off her tomorrow before we start the long journey northwards.

I did a bit of tatting with the sidebar earlier, put in my April things and added a new blog that I came across by accident.

I'm not sure if the next time I post it'll be from my new shiny Dell pc or not, it depends if BT have sent through a copy of their internet software to me - or if we can find the original disc!

I'm off to play a large amount of Neopets games and possibly even get an early night for once!

1 comment:

Campbelli said...

Am glad to see you are having such fun while I slave over a bloody presentation. You may be proud butI'm just very smug. See you soon xx