Tuesday, April 11, 2006


...to Miss S. Campbell who has worked out the comments system. I had wondered why she'd looked so puzzled when I was talking about the comments people hd been making. (((hugs))) love you Campbelli, I'm so glad I didn't poison you on Saturday with Phoenix's nasty abandoned vodka.

I have just discovered a new favourite thing - this. How cool is that! The only problem is I'd put it in my library with all my other books and then never see it. I can't buy it this month (have expensive leather DiscWorld books to pay for) but may well allocate part of my May wages to it...unless I've spotted something even funkier by then.

I love being at home, but I'm not fond of this keyboard. It keeps missing letters out for some reason. (6 in that last sentence). I bite my nails so tend to type with the tips of my fingers, but on this keyboard I have to type with the pads of my fingers and it's giving me cramp in my right hand! I am trying to grow my nails btw and if my new computer keyboard is like this one I may try out some false nails for next weekend. I shall get Katie W to take a picture of me with talons if I do.

Essex is cloudy this morning, but it was so randomly nice to drift awake to the sound of Radio 4 from my parents room. I have been hearing that for such a long time! Emily is in bed and wuoldn't even get up to look at the funky thing, but she says she'll see it later. Mum's gone to work, and dad is reading downstairs and watching the birds in the back garden.

Life is good....I shall get Emily to take lots of pictures of it later.

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