Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My burglar alarm...

...has hiccups.

Recently it's been going beep every now and again. The alarm whistles and the strobe light in the bedroom flashes (last owners were deaf). This only happens when I am standing in the bedroom doorway and it's been scaring the hell out of me. It first did it on Friday and has done it a few more times since then, frightening me each time.

It did it just now as I went to sort some washing. I step off the top step and step outside the bedroom doorway and the alarm hiccups. I stepped back into the same place (from inside the bedroom) and it did it again. I then bounced up and down in that spot and it did it lots more.

I think there must be a loose connection under the floor there where the wire comes up the stairs and across the threshold to run up the bedroom wall. It's reassured me slightly cos now I know it shouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night (just the cats doing that then) and it should be fixable.

"Contact letting agents about alarm" - added to To-Do list.

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MarkFarley said...

They put in a new doorbell at The Bookseller to the Stars to alert us on the first floor and back of house early in the morning when DHL delivers and the bin men arrive.

Unfortunately, they cut costs and got us a couple of clowns to fit the bell and now it randomly goes off during the day.

It's a bit like living in "Emu's World"

There's somebody at the door... there's somebody at the door....