Sunday, April 23, 2006


..I feel groggy today. I didn't even drink that much, one large bottle of Stella before I went out (and I started it at 4 and finished it at 9) and then 5 bottles of Peroni while I was out. But I still feel like I must have drunk three or four times that. Guess it's a sign I'm getting old.

Last night was very good fun. Ok so the fact that all the blokes were flirting with Campbelli was annoying, but that always happens and in the end I just said sod it and danced like a crazy lady. I think I need to get some shoes with slightly less heel cos at 5'11" I'm tall to start with and then when you add my 2" heels all the guys look short. I only ever wear heels when I'm going out dancing, they put me in a party mood as soon as I put them on. Maybe I should buy something a bit different and see what happens.

So many mad things happened last night mainly cos we were hanging out with Jess who is just fabulous! We'd try and recruit her as weekend staff except no-one would ever get any work done, we'd all be too busy laughing. I can still see her standing there in her pink tutu shouting "He's a fucking yeti! A yeti! A fucking yeti! Let's go and kick him in the bollocks, I've got my pointy boots on!"

This blog does now seem to have a life of its own. Everything odd that happened Campbelli would look at me and go "It's going in the blog!". Surreal but nice. I did go back and look at some of my early posts the other day, I'm amazed I've been keeping this for so long and how it's become such a chronicle of my life.

Right, the throbbing in my head has subsided so I shall do the washing-up and then try to tidy my library a bit before A. comes round. He wants to see if any of the books I'm getting rid of are ones he'd want. I shall attempt to get all the books I want to keep onto shelves and stack the others neatly. One day I will get all my books catalogued - I will, I will!

Just discovered I won £10 on the lottery last night! I shall put that towards those boots...

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