Friday, May 12, 2006

The Smell After Rain

It poured with rain while I was walking home today. Rain and lighting and thunder - lovely! Extra lovely because I'd "borrowed" an umbrella that had been left at work so I got to stay mostly dry. Ok, so it was a pink see-through plastic umbrella, but I like it!

Foley nearly got himself in serious trouble last night. At 2.15am I was woken by him tearing up the stairs and into the bedroom. He jumped on a bedside table, ran along the top of my clothes rails, bounded onto the top of the wardrobe (which is my old kids one, hence the rails) and then onto the curtain rail where he started yodelling. Luckily the curtain rail didn't come down (which is cos Anthony had a go at fixing it on Sunday) and when I shouted at him he jumped straight onto the bed and snuggled up under my chin purring like a mad thing and promptly fell asleep. If he hadn't been so cute I'd have kicked him out but in the end his purring lulled me back to sleep nice and quickly.

It's my weekend in this weekend so I miss the Spanish GP *boo*, but since Anthony is out at the BTCC at Oulton Park he'll miss it too. This means I still get to spend some of Sunday watching F1 with him, just that it'll be Sun night rather than the afternoon. We have a "visit" next week so Sunday will be spent getting the shop into tip-top condition ready for the customers to trash on Monday.

Cynical? Moi? Not really, just realistic! I did get to see one of my favourite customers today. He came upstairs while I was covering M's lunch and said "Ahh, the best place to spend some time, with the attractive Pagan lady". He's a lovely guy and we always end up having a chat about something. This time it was the fact that even though he's a Catholic (and does something for the cathedral, can't remember the word he used though) he's "on your side because you at least believe there is something". As I said before, he's a dude. More customers like him please!!!


overnighteditor said...

Is Foley a man?


Michelle said...

Oh, regulars! How much I miss them now, even though they can be the strangest people. And I love overnighteditor's comment! I can just picture it - some man teetering along on your clothes rails! :)

EmLah said...

just thought id tell you... Foley is a Cat. and in fact a female cat.