Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I've just been to have the blood taken for the tests that the consultant recommended. I was sensible enough to mention to the lovely nurse/doctor/technician (not sure which she was, just that she's lovely every time I see her) that I get panicky and dizzy so she decided I'd better lie down.

This meant that when I did go very dizzy, I didn't fall over, I just talked complete nonsense in an attempt to take my mind off it.

When she'd done she asked if I was ok and I replied that I'd been unable to get the line from Hancock out of my head..."A pint, why that's very nearly an armful!" and then she reassured me by saying "Yes, that's about right actually" EEK!

So I'm now under orders to take things easy(ish) for the rest of the day. I shall get my laundry done, and move my tv to make way for the bigger one that's arriving this afternoon with Anthony (friend of a friend of his was getting a new one) but other than that I think I shall play some WoW and possibly list some books on my spreadsheet if I feel energetic later.

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