Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I dunno. I take my iron supplement and my vitamins and I get to bed early, but I'm still knackered! Funny how when I try to eat healthy I get tired and lethargic but as soon as I quit and have some chocolate I'm bouncing around like a mad thing. Yeah, I know that it's probably a "detox" period from all the sugar in my system - but I stuck with it for two months at uni and felt terrible the whole time. All things in moderation I guess.

I was at work this weekend (one of the reasons for no posts) which wasn't as bad as usual. Yep we were all running about pulling returns and trying to tidy the shop when the fire alarm went off and we ended up outside for TWO hours... but even that was fun as it wasn't raining much and counting the increasing frequency of Chris's swearing (1 in 7 words at the beginning, 1 in 3 by the end) was entertaining.

Anthony picked me up from work on Saturday night and then we went in search of a drill and to price up curtain poles. Somehow this took us into Asda where we bought yet more food and I got a present of a proper Stella Artois glass (and 4 bottles of the stuff itself). I finally got to watch 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' and got teased for crying when Cedric died and for getting all soppy over Hermione looking so grown-up.

Sunday was work again for me (and BTCC for him) and I spent the day trying to make room for shelf offers and teasing Phil. I got taken to Spice Avenue for dinner and had a very nice Balti (the "Bal" being pronounced like "balloon" rather than "bald" - which makes RichieFingers giggle) although I didn't realise the place wasn't licensed so couldn't have a nice beer with it.

Yesterday involved a trip to B&Q in search of that drill again, and since Ikea is only over the road we had to go there too..... I do now have a cable tidy (to stop Foley chewing things), a lightshade (for the bedroom cos I didn't have one) and a nice lamp (to help with my cross stitch). We also got the curtain pole from B&Q and then drove home via Argos to buy the drill!

Life should now be quiet until next weekend. I'm planning on spending the week catching up on the films I have out from Screenselect and possibly watching some CSI too as I have all of Series 1 sitting neatly on my desk.

Haven't got anywhere with reading "A Short History of Nearly Everything" as I've been working my way through some Raymond E. Feist books instead and I also bought the new Jaclyn Moriarty book today ("Being Bindy MacKenzie") which I'm half-way though and about to go and finish while drinking some of that Stella.

Life is good, although the letter I got from Ashley made me teary this morning. It's hard to get a letter from your sister-in-law when you're in the middle of working out how to get divorced...

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Michelle said...

Oh my god, I can't go into Ikea because I know I'll end up leaving with like 10 could-be-handy-one-of-these-days-so-I'll-buy-it-even-though-it's-not-on-my-list things! And I bawled like a little baby when Cedric died, and even shed a tear when Hermione yelled at Ron on the stairs that he ruined everything. I'm a little girl, I've cried at every single one of the books so far, and have banned myself from reading them in public.