Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bookselling to the Stars

On Thursday Campbelli and I went to a book event at the Jenny Lee Centre in Wolverhampton. Malorie Blackman and Jeremy Strong did talks and signings, and we also met Paul Dowswell, a local author who was there to host a workshop and ended up helping us and doing a mini-signing at our bookstall.

Now I'm not as lucky as Mark, I don't get to meet many authors (let alone have them comment on my blog), but meeting Paul was a highlight as he's a really lovely guy.

Campbelli and I had been trying to work out why he looked familiar...then he mentioned that he came in every couple of weeks and we both went "Ahhh...". We might not have known who he was, but we recognise our regular customers.

In other book news, a customer asked for Sink Reflections, the FlyLady book, and I told her that although we can't get it (not available in the UK), the website has good shipping and as long as you watch the total of your order you shouldn't have to pay tax.

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