Tuesday, May 02, 2006

63 hours

That's all it was. 63 hours from 6pm on Saturday til 9am today, but it feels like a weeks gone by at least.

Saturday night I did get drunk. I also apparently danced with three guys (I only remember two), insulted Campbelli's man (she's forgiven me now) and asked lots of strangers for money so I could have more beer.

This of course resulted in me not getting any of the things done on Sunday morning that I meant to do. When the doorbell went and I let A. in he took one look at me and said "Sit down, where do you keep your painkillers?" So I obviously looked totally ravishing.

After a few hours lying on the sofa and talking crap I'd recovered enough to go to Sainsbury's and buy spag bol ingredients, then we came back here and I chopped up lots of stuff and then he took over the cooking as I was still in no fit state. Then we talked more and more and more about totally random things.

At one point this blog got mentioned and he had a little look at some of the recent posts (he loved the baby photo). He then went through the list of questions and scored himself an impressive 32 yeses, 5 half marks (8,16,19,24,35) and 2 nos (9,11). To be fair to him he is trying to quit smoking and only smokes when he gets nervous (so quite a few on Sunday). He also started washing-up when I nipped on to check my email "Well it's on that list..."

Monday we went into Wolverhampton and visited Campbelli at work so I could apologise to her. A trip into HMV for a copy of Warcraft almost ended in failure (as it's £10 more in the store than online) but then he bought me Amelie on DVD so that he didn't have to leave empty handed. I also acquired the box set of the deluxe editions of LOTR on DVD nice and cheap from Music Zone - woo hoo!

So that was my weekend really, lots of talking and hugs "You know, I think you need hugs more than anything else right now" and then I got a lift to work this morning before he had to head back to Brum. Now I have a week to catch up on my housework before my doorbell rings on Friday night and I get to have another good weekend.

BTW, upstairs today - I was so bored I thought my eyeballs would start bleeding. Only three days to go....

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