Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nine times out of seven

I dreamt about work last night. It was an interesting dream that included my assistant manager (Chris) walking about in a nice blue gingham shirt and shorts combination. This is due to the lovely new posters and shelf strips that I was putting out yesterday that are all in various colours of gingham. Front of store is blue, kids is lilac and travel is an interesting shade of green that looks just about ok as the gingham, but horrible as a block of colour on a shelf strip.

Yesterday and today have been spent doing changeover stuff, yesterday with RichieFingers entertaining me, and today Campbelli was back from her few days holiday with lots of entertaining stories and gossip. She is also responsible for the title of this entry after telling me that nine times out of seven she does something. I think that's a good successful rate there!

My house is oddly cold and hot at the moment. If I turn the heating up by one more degree I'm boiling, but at it's current setting I'm too cold even in my big jumper. Just me being odd I guess.

I finished rereading "Fire and Hemlock" today for like the 15 millionth time and I still love that book. I grabbed myself two proofs to read at some point and I do honestly mean to start "A Short History of Nearly Everything" again. I keep getting halfway through and then finding something else I really really want to read. I shall start it tonight and hopefully not get too distracted when I buy my three Miss Read books (being reissued by Orion) tomorrow.

Ahhh...tomorrow. PAYDAY! Although I'm aware I can't actually buy anything that isn't essential (those three books count) and have all my bills to sort out I still feel a lightness in my heart knowing that tomorrow my bank account will have a positive balance for a little while. In fact it had better have it for at least two weeks as that's when the rent comes out!

Gonna go and turn the heating up by that one degree as sitting here freezing while wearing a giant chenille jumper is just daft!


EmLah said...

you should not buy those books and read my script instead!


Kate said...

I have read your script. I told you I had and that it's BRILLIANT!

You just don't want me to buy them cos they're not ones you'd want to borrow!

MarkFarley said...

Don't even talk to me about the picnic tables....