Friday, May 26, 2006

Phone calls

Someone or someones phoned me at 00.03, 01.28, 03.53, and 5.48 this morning.

I was unimpressed with being woken up by the phone, especially since even when I'm up and dressed there is no hope of me getting to it from upstairs before the answerphone cuts in.

I reassured myself the first time by thinking that if it was important (like a family emergency) they would phone my mobile (on, and next to the bed as always). The second and third times I went and did 1471 and discovered they were "caller withheld numbers". The fourth time didn't wake me but when I did 1471 just now I discovered there had a been another call.

So today I am sleepy, after going to bed early too!


MarkFarley said...

Yeah sorry bout that,

I had nightmares and couldn't sleep. xx

Kate said...


No phone calls in the middle of last night, just cats bouncing about.