Friday, May 05, 2006

Long Distance Nagging

I've just changed my April Things to May Things as prodded by my sister. Amazing how she manages to nag me all the way from Wales! (love you trouble)

I managed to take my iron supplement for all but 5 days of April, and those five were all weekend days when I either forgot or was hungover. I'm going to try and keep it up this month too. The cat litter trays is something I tend to do every three days and they really do need doing more, I just forget.

The cross-stitch is going very slowly as I'm on the computer so much more. I'll have to take a newer picture and put it up so you can see how it's going.

I'm annoyed at myself tonight. Last night I'd decided to be sensible and change my yahoo password, but then forgot it and now I'm in the middle of waiting for emails so I might be able to get my account back. It's a bit serious if I can't cos that's my website and everything. Never change your password when you're tired folks!

Ok, I need to go and tidy and clean and have a bath. There will be a man on my doorstep at 1am and I want the house to be tidier than it was last Sunday!

There's probably time for a little bit of World of Warcraft first though....


EmLah said...


hehe surprisingly difficult to type without spaces


Kate said...


(hmmm...same random letters as yesterday)

Kate said...

I got my account back btw, I love those nice friendly customer care folks at Yahoo, they always help me when I screw up!