Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was supposed to be painting the town red with Campbelli last night but the poor little mite wasn't very well so she stayed home to watch bad Vin Diesel films instead.

I headed off to Tesco with Anthony to buy cat and people food and got home just in time to catch Finland's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now after all the fuss that there was about them, I wanted to see exactly what had caused all the kerfuffle. The song was ok, the costumes were fairly cool, Sir Terry Wogan's comments were as good as ever.

Much to Anthony's displeasure I left the show on (although I turned the volume down) to listen to the God that is Terry Wogan dissing everyone and generally being the sarky bugger he always is at Eurovision time.

Then we watched the voting together and waited for the winners to be announced..... FINLAND Woo Hoo! They didn't quite break 300 points though but they certainly spanked everyone else.

As for our comment.

I wonder how many countries will be entering rock acts next year?


EmLah said...

the UK entry: MAYFLOWER SCHOOOL thats all i have to say.


Michelle said...

I didn't really get it (I hadn't paid much attention to Eurovision this year) until I saw a picture of the Finland group, oh my god..