Saturday, November 27, 2004

Strange correlations

I'm currently watching Billy Connolly's Tour of New Zealand, partly cos my mother is over there at the moment. It showed the map at the beginning of where he was going and showed a town called Dunedin.....which is the name of a hill in one of the Merrily Watkins books. Things from those books have been turning up all over the place, need to track down the others.

Only a couple of weeks now til all the kids come back to work. I'll be seeing Katie W and Matt on the 13th and Kate J on the 19th. Poor Matt though...his first day back he's doing a 12.30-9 shift with Campbell, RichardGuard and me (plus Maggie grumbling away upstairs, which is a good thing as it means I'll be downstairs). Talk about baptism of fire! He'll be showing off his stomach all evening!

Bod had put me down to work late on the 21st but I've managed to swop it with RichieFingers. I've got the 22nd off to recover from the wild night out before. I've actually got bits of time off all over the place because of me being difficult.

Lets see...

13th = 12.30-9; 14th = 12.30-9; 15th = 9.30-6;
16th = 12.30-9; 17th = 12.30-9; 18th = Day Off!;
19th = 10-4.30; 20th = 8-4.30; 21st = 9.30-6;
22nd = Day Off!; 23rd = 12.30-9; 24th = 8-5;
25th = Day Off!; 26th = 10.30-4.30; 27th = Day Off!;
28th = Day Off!; 29th = 9-5.30; 30th = Day Off!;
31st = 9-5.30; 1st = Day Off!; 2nd = Day Off!.

...and then it's back to normal!

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