Saturday, November 06, 2004


The lurgy finally got the better of me....

I've been doing my best to fight it off but running out of Lemsip last night meant it got a toehold on me at last. I've spent most of the day feeling like shite and throwing up lots. Bright moments in the day were when I discovered that Boots have all their own brand cold/flu stuff at 99p (rather than £3.49 for the Lemsip equivalent) and when the signed copies of the new Pink Floyd book came in so I could reserve one for Mab. (BTW, the person on Amazon who says that all the other members read and okayed the book is fibbing. Mason himself says he didn't speak to Syd Barrett as "he has a new life now".) The pictures in it are totally fab too!

I also found a few new books that will be added to my bookshelves in February...

Permanent Rose
Every Boy's Got One
Stravaganza - City of Flowers

With any luck those will keep me going until the next lot of Pratchett appears in May....

I'm staying up with the kittens tonight as I'm way too grotty to sleep properly. So I shall spend some time browsing sites I haven't been to for ages, watch some cheesy middle-of-the-night-TV, and have my hair and sleeve chewed by the cutest kittens in the universe.


Anonymous said...

Poor you, its a bugger this one, it knocked me for six, I had to take the week of work and college I was that bad, I have never felt so sick. I have never taken time of anything due to flu have always just gone to work, couldnt with this one though. It looks as Alan has it now. Today is the first day I have felt human, though I still feel sick.


Wrap up and try to sleep!

Aud xxx

Mab said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. :-D

*happy dance* Thanks for reserving the Nick Mason book. Any chance you could bring it on the 13th and I'll give you your money then?