Monday, November 01, 2004

Soggy kittens

I had a holiday day today! I'd taken a few days off so I could go home and see Emily for her birthday, and then she went to Canada last week so I've spent the time at home instead.

So I had a nice long lie in, then came and played on the computer. Phoenix gave the kittens a bath and then we cuddled and stroked them dry and happy again.

I also did some of my new cross-stitch Frederick the Literate while watching Missing and the end of Ghost Ship (as I couldn't watch the whole thing last night as I need to watch scary films in daylight).

Last nights ritual went really well, I had such a great feeling of a weight being lifted as the notes burnt away...

...but discovering 5 nasty emails this morning shows that somebody obviously chose not to use Samhain as a time of new beginnings. Look person, whoever you are. GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE! Why don't you try writing all your poisonous crap down on paper and burning it away? Although I guess that closure isn't really your aim, more trying to piss me off. I know that writing about your emails is going to prompt people to send me more rude comments, plus give you the gratification of acknowledgement, but I just needed a way to tell you that it ain't working. (and before people ask why I don't just email back...they're hidden email addresses....).

Ah, that subject is boring!

Tomorrow I have another lazyish day planned. Play with kittens, play on internet, go shopping with Jamie and possibly to cinema too, and then it's the moot tomorrow night too! Lazy day my foot!


Anonymous said...

I just love Frederick the Literate!!! Looking at that picture has made me want to do one now. Isn't it funny that when you're in the middle of doing a project you just can't put it down whatever, but when you're not doing one you forget how addictive it is? Wish chocolate was like that!

Sorry to hear you're still getting malicious mail, but thankfully you've got the right attitude towards it. You've just got to remember it takes 'whoever' a long time to compose, type and send this 'junk mail' but it takes you just 1 second to delete them. You're the one in control here! - they're obviously desperate to hurt you with anonomous words, but by choosing to delete their ramblings you're taking control. They could choose to spend the rest of their lives writing crap but they can't make you read it - only you can decide to do that. You have the power my dear Kate - use it!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day and see you tonight
Love you loads
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh! I want to see a pic of the soggy kitties - I bet they looked adorable :D


Branny said...

Frederick is tremendously cute.