Friday, November 12, 2004

Evening thoughts

I've been trying to write my comments on FtE's weekly discussion for a week now, but can't seem to make the seven or eight paragraphs I have fit in any coherent way. I know what I want to say and the points I want to agree with, I just can't make it flow. Probably a good job I haven't posted about it as just mentioning I planned to meant I got 5-6 abusive emails. BTW nasty anonymous email sender, if you really want the coach I'm traveling to Glastonbury on to crash so I can die a horrible fiery death....don't forget there'll be other people on there will you? Sad bugger.

I finally picked up the second Merrily Watkins book from the library on Wednesday. I'd had to wait for ages to put a reservation on it and it finally came through! Very good book, as was number three in the series. I'm now 20 pages into book four and wishing I'd put reservations in on 5 and 6 already.

We gave the kittens another bath tonight, they were very unimpressed. Foley gave himself a half bath yesterday when he decided to dive into my bath last night. He got a fright and I got several new scratches on my legs. I never realised that having kittens would lead to my legs looking like I'd walked through a bramble patch!

Seriously looking forward to tomorrows trip. I get to spend some time with all my friends for the first time in ages - including Pami who will be in Glastonbury tomorrow too; visit a totally wonderful place, and do some shopping too! Plus, if I get the chance, I want to sit in that window seat at the George and Pilgrim again. When Georgia sat in it she said she felt drained, but at the time I just felt really really grounded and safe. I want to know if this is because it was draining me, but since I had so much excess energy I didn't want and couldn't shed it was helping me, or if it makes me feel that safe again for other reasons. The only thing that worries me is leaving the kittens alone for so long, but plan to fuss them extra on Sunday to make up.

Ohhh...time for bed!


Kass said...

Don't let the 'anonymous emailer' get to you. If the person had any guts they'd actually put their name to the emails. I just can't believe that someone is that much of a coward as to pull this shit.

As for FtE's response, take a deep breath and let it flow...I miss your posts and I'm anxious to read what you have to say. :D!


Love you,

Mab said...

AND I was on that coach and I'm fucking pyrophobic!!! (Yes, I know in the vast scheme of things my pyrophobia is my problem and the fact that there were also several children on that coach is perhaps more important, but you can't imagine what reading that just now did to me.) Kate, forward me the e-mails, I've got the technology and I'll track them. Either that, or click 'properties' and cut and paste all of the information there, even if it doesn't look important.

Merrily Watkins kicks ass!