Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ups and Downs

I'm having quite a good day off so far. The kittens are playing tag up and down the stairs and I've just finished watching The Importance of Being Ernest, which was much funnier than I expected (and I knew it would be quite funny).

The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily, that is what fiction means.

On the other hand I still can't get into Hotmail. Not an internet problem this time, but apparently my password which worked on Tuesday night, was wrong my Wednesday morning. This is rather annoying as you can guess. The reset password thing isn't working either so I'm a little worried that someone has knobbled my account.....

Use the one if you want to contact me for the moment, but I can't email anyone as all my addresses are saved in Hotmail (strange that...)

I also got my Permanent Rose proof yesterday! *runs around screaming with joy* RichieFingers was lovely and only teased me with it for a minute or so before handing it over. I read it yesterday on my breaks and then read it again this morning. Very, very, very good book. Made me cry in places (but good books always do). I will attempt to put reviews for all three of the Casson books on my book blog today.

Mum is flying off on holiday today, her flight to LA leaves at 14.30, she gets to LA at 17.45 (LA time obviously) and then has a two hour wait for her flight to Auckland. She will then skip neatly across the International Date LIne and arrive there at 5.30am (Auckland time) on Saturday. She does get her day back on the way back btw (arriving in LA 11 hours before she leaves Auckland, love that time difference!). It'll also be easier for her to ring Emily as the time difference will only really be 4 hours (20 really) she'll just have to delete a day! I hope she does have a totally lovely time, I'm a little jealous but I have plenty of time to go a-travelling later, when the kittens are all grown up (and before we start on babies).

I love the names of the places she will be visiting.... Ngaruawahia, Whakarewarewa, Wairakei, Kaikoura, Omaarama.... I'll have to have a look on a map at work to see where they all are.

The other traveller is also doing well. Her "hot pink" cast is waterproof so she can still wash (a good thing) and Bobo the Bonsai Potato is doing well in his choice spot behind the sofa. In case anyone reading this also reads her blog, she has been writing loooooong posts, they just haven't sent properly but she knows how to fix the problem.

Off to do some washing and write some reviews now. See ya later!

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Anonymous said...

Kate, your mum is coming down to my turf, I know somebody who knows somebody in WG who is coming to NZ. On the map Ngaruawahia is very very close to Hamilton,-very close to me, North Island, just down from Auckland, Whakarewarewa and Wairakei are in/by Rotorua and Taupo -thermal areas. Kaikoura is on the East Coast, top of the South Island and awesome for whale watching, and I am ashamed to say I dont know the last place. She will have a wonderful time as us kiwis are all such loverly people.