Thursday, November 25, 2004

*sob* *sob* *sniffle*

The other day I couldn't remember the name of the film that Meg Ryan cries over in Sleepless in Seattle. So I watched that, cried lots, and remembered the other film was called An Affair to Remember.

Then today I was skipping through the movie channels to see what was on today, and saw it was on at midday.

I've just finished watching it and crying lots. What a wonderful film! I know I'm a sappy wench but I just love films like that. I'm going to have to srr if it's available on DVD and request it for a pressie.

In fact, after I've finished painting the mirror so I can add glitter later, I shall come back online and make a list of my favourite movies.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all American folks.

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Morganna said...

Don't know if An Affair to Remember is on DVD or not... I imagine it is. I have it on tape. I picked it up after watching Sleepless in Seattle and now it's a favorite for late night watching while drinking a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.... and when I'm in the mood for a good, sappy movie. Hope you find it. :)