Monday, November 22, 2004

Sweet, sweet Campbell.

Campbell was oh so blonde today!

I gave her a Fishermen's Friend sweet and she put it in her mouth and then asked:

Has it got real fish in it?

Even better than the time she asked for A4 lined paper with lines on!

Work was hectic at times and dead slow at others. Spent most of lunchtime searching the shops for glitter, but everywhere just seems to sell glitter pens now, much cleaner but much less fun and no use at all for what I need it for!

I've spent this evening emailing various people who had emailed me regarding a motorbike I was selling on eBay...well a motorbike the hacker had listed. EBay have reinstated my account and I have passed on the guys ISP and PayPal details to them too, so he should get what he deserves from them.

Phoenix is having great fun with his new camera phone, taking lots of pictures of the mad kitties. I bought him some credit today so as soon as he learns to work the phone properly I shall post some more pictures.

I bought some decorations today and felt quite festive. The only problem is that this means that the customers have already developed the seasonal spirit of being ruder than ever. It ties in to the whole do-as-you-would-be-done-by thing I guess, if we weren't trying damn hard to find the book for you then yes sure be rude. But when we're searching again and again with the wonderful information we've been given "It's a new book, something about a wedding" then being rude is a tad out of order.

Manners have been on my mind a lot recently. I've been puzzled for a while as to whether I expect too much from people, not just at work from the people who talk on their phones while being served, but with the people that I associate with outside work. Then there's the emails that I've been getting telling me I'm selfish and rude and stupid I've then been wondering if I actually have any manners.

Well if I have few manners then all I can say is that they are the kind of manners that expect people to respect my point of view; the kind that respects others points of view; the kind that will not put up with attacks on my friends, whether they be verbally or physically; the kind that expects people to say please and thank-you; and the kind that knows that true friendship is beyond price and they are the ones to be cherished above all.

Time for a bath and a read of "Hat Full of Sky", now that's a book about witchin'!

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Anonymous said...

Manners.... I think people in *any* customer service position get shit on frequently.. people think that just because they are spending money that you should bow down to them. Nope. I've always found that a little politeness from the customers I help goes a long way than rudeness.