Sunday, October 31, 2004

Last night was quiet but fun.

Jennie couldn't make it as she was in a bit of pain from a small operation she'd had, and so Mandy couldn't get to us either. We missed you guys!

So it was just Andy and Carola, Bizkitt and Juell, Jason and Jamie, and then Robbie turned up at 1.30am. Juell came in a sari, Andry dressed as an elf, and Bizkitt wore surgical scrubs proclaiming him "Property of New Bedlam Asylum" and carrying his brain in a jar.

Bizkitt also managed to scare some poor kids who'd come to Trick or Treat. When he opened the door and they said "Trick or Treat?", he just said "No" and shut the door again. I had to call the poor kids back and give them some gummy skeletons.

We all just had strange conversations and drank nice alcohol really. Robbie turned up just as we were all getting sleepy, ate some rose pot pourri (while telling me it was the tastiest thing on the table) and then wandered off again into the night. Strange boy....

I'm looking forwards to the ritual tonight. Jennie and Mandy can't make it :( and Bex won't be here tonight either so it'll just be a few of us. But it will be a very nice way to draw a line under the old year, and start looking forward to the new one and all the things we want to do in it.

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A rather scratched and bug-bitten