Friday, October 01, 2004

Right then...

Cerr, Georgia, Matt you all have emails heading your way. I will possibly post relevant bits on here too so that others can read them.

Aine Faye: My original blog entry about Glastonbury will be in the archives on here somewhere. Please note the time that it was posted...BEFORE I knew about Mike's accident.

Corey; *hugs*

Thank you for the compliments on the kittens.


Red Handed Jill said...

i just wanted to say that i read your profile and i applaud your excellent taste in books. i just got a copy of indigo's star not too long ago (it's a new release here in america) and i think it's the absolute best book i ever read, seriously. well, right up there, anyway.

Anonymous said...

A bedtime story for those to sit and think on...something that I just remembered and I'm horribly embarrased to say I forgot about until just this moment...

I'm the one who told Kate that Mike had been in an accident. I happened to catch her on YahooIM that morning and we were talking about her blog entry. I was trying to figure out what had happened between my friends. I asked if she knew how Mike was, she didn't know that anything had happened.

Kate I'm so sorry that I forgot about this. I should have said something so much sooner than this.


Kate said...

Oh Bri (((hugs)))

Not your fault at all sweetie, I'd forgotten that conversation myself. Please don't worry about it!

*passes over pink lemonade and sparkly chocolate cakes for the loverly Brianne!*