Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blimey it's dusty in here!

Sorry I haven't been around for so long folks, our computer has been up the spout!

We eventually had to reformat the hard drive, BT Yahoo internet won't work (so I'm on an AOL free trial) and I cannot access my Hotmail account. So any email that's been sent to me in the last two weeks, I haven't read it and can't get at it at the moment, email me at chocolateonskates@ instead ok? My mother is being lovely and lcearing out Hotmail junk for me so the account shouldn't implode or anything though.

My sister went to Canada yesterday, taking only three books with her! Ok, so they were Lord of the Rings, Gormenghast and the Complete Works of Shakespeare so they're weren't exactly LITTLE books!

We moved our computer down to the living room (in case it was the phone socket) and I currently have a mad kitten on my lap. Anything you want to say Esme? hjhhkdfgnmbfgjdf,mbvjkxc,cvnbcvhjfghfbvvcbnvcbnvbbbbbbbbnb bnmvcmnb

Ok then....

I'm so looking forward to our Halloween party on Saturday night, it should be groovy! I have most of the stuff I need for my costume, and ust have to get sparkly eyeshadow for me and black eyeshadow for Phoenix and then we should be done!

Gotta go hang the washing out now...oh yeah! We got a shiny new washing machine!

*hugs* for Morganna, who I know has been having a tough time as I just read your blog.

*hugs* for Kass, who sent me the sweetest letter in the world! I promise to stay positive!

*hugs* for Corey, for just being lovely!

In fact, *hugs* for pretty much everyone!

*dashes off to hang out washing and to hug gorgeous man!*


Morganna said...

Thanks, hon. It's going to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid. But with friends providing moral support, I'm going to get through this. Somehow. :)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Kate's Back!!!
I'm glad you got the card sweets!
You are also on my Christmas list, so expect some silly Yule tidings from Luke (my 10 yr old) and myself.

Love you!!!
Does this mean I can email you again as well??