Saturday, October 02, 2004

Busy, busy, busy...

Work today was rather hectic! I spent most of the day nipping between floors depending on where the queues were longest. Sold lots of Pratchett books, and told lots of people that the IEE On-Site Guide is "currently reprinting but we're expecting stock in the next couple of weeks".

This evening I've been playing on Neopets and have emailed the picture of my wedding dress to Ashley and my address to Brianne, also had the new DiscWorld email waiting in my inbox for me.

Right then, I'm off to do some cross-stitching (which won't be finished in time as I will only work on in when in a good mood, so it's very behind), eat some dinner (as I couldn't last night), play with the kittens and snuggle with my rather lovely man.

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