Monday, October 04, 2004

Yahoo messages from Ebony.

Ebony : Please apologise to witchgrove for me as I'm no longer a member. I love them all dearly and will miss them all but I blew it. I landed up in hospital last wed night after taking the overdose in the hope they would help with housing us. It didn't work!! They put it down to my diabetes being unstable. I was accused of just relying on spells and not going out to find a home for us but Kate, I have been everywhere. Neither the council nor the housing associations will house us. The letting agents have let us down twice because the owners of the houses we've looked at have decided to sell rather than rent. This has cost us money we don't have and has taken 3 weeks out of the time we had to find a home. We now have 6 days left before the bailiffs come in.

Ebony : I took the overdose in an attempt for someone to help us get a home but it didn't work. I did not take enough to kill myself. But I put it over badly to Witchgrove and for that I'll never forgive myself. Please tell them I love them all and I am sooooooo sorry.

BookshopKate: They're not really talking to me at the moment either. I made the mistake of writing my feelings in my blog and copped a lot of shit for it. But I shall post this in my blog for you, and email it to Mab to ask her to put it on there if she feels it's appropriate. Love you lots and lots.

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Osran said...

Is Eb back on the list? Is there a way I can reach her? Have you talked to her? I'm worried, yet want to smack her for doing something so stupid. I mean that because I love her, and don't want anything to happen to her.

And what's up with everything that went on. geesh I go away for two weeks and more shit hits the fan?