Saturday, December 04, 2004

Blimey! A Saturday off!

I've been watching Soccer AM and chilling so far today. Coded some new reviews from the Grove, looked at stuff on eBay and opened my Advent Calendar on NeoPets.

Today I'm planning to do some "crisis cleaning". Well, that's what FlyLady calls it. Basically it means doing 15 minutes cleaning in the kitchen, then 15 minutes in the bathroom, then 15 minutes in the living room. Then I shall relax for 15 minutes before starting the cycle again. I figure it will start to make a dent on things before the holidays. One of the problems is that although I'd love to be able to clear off the table in the living room, the stuff on it needs to be kept but has nowhere else to go.

Last night we spent a few minutes daydreaming about where we can put the new sofa and bookshelves. It won't work for my birthday as there won't be quite enough seats, but on a day to day basis it'll be groovy.

Also been doing lots of daydreaming about shopping recently, working out what to get folks as pressies. Plus the fact that we need to get a table and eight chairs, plus a sofa...and will probably only have about two weeks to get them in. The plan at he moment is that we hire a van and then drive to various shops in search of stuff. However I don't have lots of time off to do this in so it may get squished into either the 19th or the 22nd.

But I discovered that the posh chocolate people do late deliveries so we can have posh crackers and posh hot chocolate too!

Right, I'm going to make a list of presents for people (so that I have it all written down and I forget nothing) and then start doing some cleaning.

Hmmm....I wonder what extra goodies I can find here for a young lady with her arm in a cast....

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